<Specifications> Drum Dimensions: 1,800 L x 770 Diameter mm (Entrance Diameter: 650 mm) Drum Height: 1,150 mm (Floor to Centre) Max Capacity: 7,200 Ltr/Hr (Product Dependent) Material Constructions: SUS304 Motor: 0.37 kW Power Supply: 1-Phase, 240V, 50Hz Included Accessories: - VSD - Perforated End Section - Dust Extraction Hood These are made to order.
<Specifications> Total Volume: 5,950 Ltr Jacket & Insulation: 50mm Thick Reducer: 415V, 5.5kW, 12rpm Material Construction: SUS304 Included Accessories: - Half-Moon Manhole - CIP 38mm - Breather 160mm - Inlet 2" - 2 x 3" Ball Valves for Outlet
Scope of Supply: - 1,000Ltr self heated Chocolate Tank with Flat Top, Sloping Base, Side Discharge (3" Non-Jacketed Manual Ball Valve), 1.5kW Motor (12 amps), 12 rpm - 250L Electrically Heated Water Tank - Grunfos Pump to Circulate Hot Water - Control Box to Control Water Circulation - Main Product Temperature Limited to Max 80 Degrees C - Main Agitator will Not Run below Min Temp of 20 Degr
NEW IOPAK Choctank - jacketed, insulated and comes with slow agitator Specifications Total Capacity: 667 Ltr Working Capacity: 500 Ltr Inner Diameter: 1,120 mm Outer Diameter: 1,226 mm Insulation: 50 mm Thick Power: Reducer - 415V, 2.2kW, 12rpm Material Thickness: 3 mm Material Construction: SUS304 Please note this tank does not come with electrics, and Category 4 safety interlocks n
Specifications: Diameter: 1,250 mm Approx depth is 740mm 1.5kW Mechanical Variable Speed 3 Phase, 415 Volts Lead time is generally 3 months from date of deposit.
Brand new IOPAK Chocolate Tank. This one is 2,000L but just tell us the size of your preference? Specifications: Overall Capacity: 2,390 Ltr Working Capacity: 2,000 Ltr Inner Diameter: 1,480 mm Outer Diameter: 1,500 mm Internal Depth: 1,290 mm Overall Height: 2,576 mm Reducer: 415V, 4kW, 12 rpm/min Material Constructions: SUS304 Access Manhole: 800mm x 430mm Semi-Circle Product Disc
Capacity- 650 - 1600/hr 1' in and out Jacketed. 100 revolutions= 6L Motor size: ABB, 0.75kW. Self - Priming. Superior gear box design. Low sound level. Easily dismantled. Materials - Pump head, covers and shaft of AISI 316 SS. Electrical 3 Phase 415 Volts
This BRAND NEW rotary lobe 3" (75mm) hot water jacketed pump comes with an ABB motor. The pump is of excellent quality and very keenly priced. The specification of the pump is as follows: Contact material SUS316 [Lobe Pump] Flow: 6000 - 12,000 litres / hr. (nominal - subject to product and head) Pressure: 5 Bar Power: 7.5kW Speed: 500RPM Stainless Steel rotors [ABB Motor - IEC34-1] Size: 7.0kW Vo
This BRAND NEW 2" jacketed rotary lobe pump comes with an ABB motor. The specification of the pump is as follows: Contact material SUS316 [Lobe Pump] Flow: 5600 - 11,000 litres / hr. 52L/100r(subject to product and head) Pressure: 4 Bar Power: 5.5kW Speed: 368RPM Stainless Steel rotors [ABB Motor - IEC34-1] Size: 5.5kW Voltage: 415V Amp: 12.1A Frequency: 50Hz Other: IP55 Rated, 52.