Speed: Up to 40 - 45 caps/min Air Requirements: 6 - 8 Bar (Compressed Air) Power Requirements: 1-Phase, 240V, 50Hz Features: - Variable speed - Machine controlled via adjustable timers for capping time and clamp timing - Capable of handling large variety of bottle and cap sizes - Easy to setup and low maintenance - 1 Set of bottle clamps and rollers included - Clamp assembly adjustable
Variable speed Adjustable torque control 6-08 Bar compressed air required Capable of handling a large variety of bottle and cap sizes Speeds of up to 40/min 240V main supply required 3 year warranty Easy to setup and low maintenance 1 Set of bottle clamps and tightening chuck included Anodised aluminium and stainless construction Designed to fit over existing conveyors Standalone self-s
Specifications Cap Type: Screw Cap Diameter: 20 - 110 mm Bottle Diameter: 20 - 110 mm Bottle Height: 50 - 260 mm Capping Speed: 10 - 20 caps/min (Packaging Materials and Operator Dependent) Air Pressure Requirements: 2 - 6 Kg/sqcm Power Supply: 1-Phase, 220V, 50Hz Features 1. Equipped with rubber on the bottom to diminish cap breakage. 2. Sealing pressure can be adjusted by torques to suits for v
Specifications Capacity: Up to 100 bpm (Product and Cap Dependent) Cap Types: Three, Four, Six Twist-Off Caps Cap Diameters: 30 - 90 mm Bottle Height: 65 - 260 mm Power Consumption: 3.47 kW Steam Consumption: 180 - 230 Kg/Hr Steam Pressure: ≤ 0.4 MPa Max. Vacuum: 34 - 67 KPa Cap Elevator: Included
<Specifications> Capacity: 20 - 30 caps/min (Bottle & Cap Size Dependent) Air Requirements: 2 - 6 Kg/sqcm Power Supply: 1-Phase, 240V, 50Hz One Bottle/Cap Size Tooling with One Set of Star Wheel Included. Please note, this is not suitable for ROPP caps. <Features> - Automatic cap feeding system with cap elevator (level sensor for hopper) - Suitable for screw cap tightening - Cap tightening syste
Capacity: Up to 20 caps/min (Product Dependent) Capping Head: Adjustable (Up/Down & Left/Right) Gating System On Castors.
Capacity: 20 - 25 bottles/min (Product and Fill Volume Dependent) Cap Size: Please advise the size/s Features: - Servo motor - Air required for capping head - Digital Input - Adjustable torque setting - Gating system (air required) - Sensor detection The final price is subject to confirming the project scope
JUST THE RIGHT TORQUE FOR ALL YOU HONEY,OIL SAUCE, SOUP & COSMETIC MANUFACTURERS - THIS GREAT LITTLE CAPPER IS FOR YOU! You have to cap immediately after filling - correct? The bottleneck caused by hand capping can result in contamination and spoilage - and then you have the added burden of leaking containers. Let the IOPAK Pneucap Semi -Automatic Capper solve all your capping problems. It can