1000 Cooksys Cooking/Mixing Line (1000 L Cooker, In-Line Mill, Pump etc)

PROCESS PLANT NETWORK is justly proud of their new IOPAK, fully stainless steel constructed jacketed Cooksys 1000 Duo cooker/kettle system, which can be used for cooking or cooling.

This system could be used for mayonnaise, sauces, creams & lotions.

Kettles come in sizes 250L, 500L, 1000L & 2000L. All are fitted with steam dimple jackets and there are two variations of cookers.

One type has a single action scraper agitator/mixer arm whilst the other has a contra rotating mechanism. Let us know your preference.

This system comprises of the following components:

Each 1000L cooker/kettle is fitted with a contra-rotating scrape surface mixing arm.
They feature 2 x half moon hinged lids for food hygiene.

The interior of the vessel has a domed base and is fitted with a 3" product outlet including an air actuated discharge valve.

A swept surface (Teflon tipped) stirrer is top and bottom bearing supported and direct driven by a 3kW, 29rpm, 415V AC, Three Phase gear motor.

An additional contra - rotating centrally mounted agitator is fitted with a 0.75kW, 49 rpm gearmotor.

Teflon scrapers can be easily changed by removing a simple hook arrangement
A digital (- 20 to 150 deg C ) temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the tank contents.

Design Pressure (WP) : 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP) : 450 KPa
Design Temperature (DT):135 deg C (max 150 deg C)
Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425

Internal Diameter - 1300 mm
Internal Depth - 1000mm
Outer Diameter - 1450mm
Lid height above floor - 1650mm
Outlet Height above floor - 560mm
Overall Height - 2500mm

Jacket inlet & outlet ports: 25mm diameter
Material of Construction - 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer)
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 2mm jacketed wall

This BRAND NEW rotary lobe pump comes with an ABB motor.

The specification of the pump is as follows:
Contact material SUS316
Flow: 5600 - 11,000 litres / hr. (subject to product and head)
Pressure: 5 Bar
Power: 5.5kW
Speed: 500RPM

[ABB Motor - IEC34-1]
Size: 5.5kW
Voltage: 415V
Amp: 12.1A
Frequency: 50Hz
Other: IP55 Rated, 52.5Nm
This model comes with a stainless steel shrouding and a speed controller (inverter)
Price for brand new stainless steel shrouded pump (ordered separately if you wish to buy only the pump)

IOPAK TRS1 Series. Model TRS/165-7.5 H In Line High Shear Dispersion Emulsifier
This is a brand new fully stainless steel toothed colloid mill/emulsifier.

It has a high shear dispersing action and is used for the continuous production or closed circuit treatment of fine material.Typical products to be emulsified, might include: Mayonnaises, sauces, emulsions, lotions, creams, purees etc
RS/165-7.5 H
Capacity RS/165-7.5 H: Max 8 Cub M/Hr (Water - conditions may vary)
Pump suction pressure is less than 0.2Mpa

Inner Diameter: 120mm
Outer Diameter: 155mm
Gap between teeth (Inner) 4mm
Gap between teeth (Outer) 4m
Tooth width (Inner) 8mm
Tooth width: Thickness (Outer) 11mm

Inner Diameter: 95mm
Outer Diameter: 135mm
Gap between teeth (Inner) 4mm
Gap between teeth (Outer) 4m
Tooth width (Inner) 9mm
Tooth width thickness (Outer) 14mm

This unit is fully stainless steel constructed and is fitted with 35mm
"Triclover" type inlet and outlet ports, in addition to a drain port
terminating with a manually operated butterfly valve at the base of the

Mounted on castors
Max discharge pressure is 0.2 MPA.

Drive Source - 7.5KW, 2920, 415V AC, Three Phase, TEFC Electric Motor
direct coupled to the head. The motor is not flame proof.

Machine features:
sturdy and light weight to manoeuvre into working position
easy to operate and maintain
combined technology of pulverisation, dispersion, emulsification and
low noise emission and stable whilst in use
mounted on castors.

2. Applications
This emulsifier can be used in various industries, such as:
Pharmaceutical (lotions and creams)
Chemical (paints)
Food and beverage (purees, mayonnaise, sauces, juices)
for the following types of product contents:
Solids and liquids

This emulsifier is excellent for the emulsification of products with a high
viscosity and liquids in suspension, with a high level of solids.
Liquids and oils
This emulsifier is excellent for the emulsification of products with oil and
water separation.
Gas, liquids and solids
Platform with Stairs on Skid (Two Systems on One Skid)
Electric Controls and Safety (For Two Systems)
Piping and Valves (For Two Systems)
Steam Piping and Valves – For Two Systems
(On/Off Valve for Vertical Jacket, Modulating Valve for Base Jacket)
* Excludes pressure reduction valve

The Dimple Jacket increases output by:
- Improved plant utilisation
- Reduced process cycle time
- Protecting heat sensitive products
- Better temperature control and response
- No corrosion of stainless steel jacket, ensuring longer plant life

Size / Capacity

Product dependent. Kettle size 1,000L

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