500 EC Dimple plated 500L Jacketed Evaporative Cooker (thickening pan)

Due to increased demand, the IOPAK dimple plated jacketed evaporative cooker or thickening pan has been launched.

Many traditional and ethnic foods require concentration without the additional cost, space and technology of installing an evaporator.

Standard sizes are 250L, 500L, 1000L and 2000L. Speak to us if you have other requirements.

A swept surface (Teflon tipped) stirrer is top and bottom bearing supported and direct driven by a 3.0kW motor.
Dimensions: 1,400mm Diameter x 620mm Deep
Speed: Variable
Safety: Fitted with safety grids
Material: 316 SUS contact surfaces. Other material 304SUS

The interior of the tank has a flattened slightly dome shaped base and is fitted with a 3" product outlet including an air actuated discharge valve.
A digital (- 20 to 150 deg C ) temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the tank contents.

Design Pressure (WP): 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP): 450 KPa
Design Temperature (DT):135 deg C (max 150 deg C)
Geared Motor: 3kW @ 29rpm
Safety Mesh: 100mm from Agitator
No Lid Provided
Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425

Outer Diameter 1250mm
Outlet Height above floor - 560mm
Overall Height - 2250mm
Jacket inlet & outlet ports 25mm diameter
Material of Construction - 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer)
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 2mm jacketed wall.

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent (if the gearbox is 7 years old or more, TORA 320 or equivalent)
Capacity: 500L
The Dimple Jacket increases output by:
- Improved plant utilisation
- Reduced process cycle time
- Protecting heat sensitive products
- Better temperature control and response
- No corrosion of stainless steel jacket, ensuring longer plant life

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