250 CRM Jacketed 250L Cooker Kettle (Contra Rotating) 316

The IOPAK Cooker/Kettle is used by many food manufacturers - many of whom have purchased multiples. It is used for jams, sauces, stews, stocks, confectionery pastes, etc
The IOPAK Kettle has many FEATURES:
- Good standard of fabrication
- Huge value for money
- Design input from our customers used by our engineers to constantly improve design
- Kettle fabricated in AISI 316
- Contra- Rotating mixer arm is bearing supported both top and bottom ensuring a smooth, quiet mixing process
- Contra- Rotating mixer arm is designed to prevent burn on as well as treating products gently
- Teflon tipped hinged scraper arms ensure smooth clean scraping action against the sides and bottom of the hemispherical dome shape of the process vessel
- Simple to clean
- Jacket can be used for cooking or cooling
- Digital Temperature Indicator for temperature control
- 2 x half moon lids for hygiene

The interior of the tank has a dome base and is fitted with a 4" sanitary product outlet including an air actuated discharge ball valve.

A swept surface (Teflon tipped) stirrer is top and bottom bearing supported and direct driven by a 1.5kW, 29rpm, 415V AC, 3 Phase gear motor.
An additional contra - rotating centrally mounted agitator is fitted with a 0.55kW, 49rpm gearmotor.
Teflon scrapers can be easily changed by removing a simple hook arrangement.
A digital (- 20 to 150 deg C ) temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the tank contents.
Design Pressure (WP) : 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP) : 450 KPa
Design Temperature ( DT) :135 deg C (max 150 deg C)
Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425
Internal Diameter - 750 mm
Internal Depth - 780mm
Outer Diameter - 905mm
Lid height above floor - 1430mm
Outlet Height above floor - 560mm
Overall Height - 2200mm
Jacket inlet & outlet ports - 25mm diameter
Material of Construction - 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer)
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 2.0mm jacketed wall
Temperature Probe: PT100

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent (if the gearbox is 7 years old or more, TORA 320 or equivalent)

Size / Capacity

3" Sanitary Ball Valve

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