600 JSC Jacketed 600L 'J-Style' Cooker Kettle

The IOPAK 600Ltr 'J-Style Cooking Kettle'
is so cool it's hot! Offering a superior soft folding and lifting mixing action, and cooking at lower temperatures it's an excellent choice
for chunky products such as soup,curries, chutneys, risotto, mashed potato.

- High standard of fabrication
- Kettle fabricated in Food Grade AISI 316
- Jacket can be used for cooking or cooling
- 1 x half moon lid for hygiene

Design Pressure (WP) : 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP): 450 KPa
Design Temperature (DT):135 deg C (max 150 deg C)
Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425
Internal Diameter 1000 mm
Material Construction: 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer)
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 2.0mm jacketed wall
Temperature Probe: PT100

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent

Size / Capacity

Overall Capacity: 600 Ltr
Working Capacity: 500 Ltr (Product Dependent)


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