AC-6B14-2B-12X 14 Head Multihead Weigher with 10.4" Touch Screen

The brand new IOPAK 14 Head Weigher with 10.4" Touch Screen has proved to be reliable and accurate. It is also VERY KEENLY PRICED!

- Dry and processed food, fresh food (snacks, seeds, coffee beans/granules, tea, sugar, confectionery, nuts, dried fruit etc)
- Non-foods (bolts, electrical and plumbing parts etc)

- Digital Sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capabilities
- Frame with IP65 protection
- Statistical data can be shown on screen (and via optional printer output)
- Dimple or flat stainless steel plate on all product-contact surfaces, overweight discharge equipment and timing hopper. Your product dictates which one you will need.
Different direction discharge switch and printer are available as options.

Weigh Range: 10-3,000g
Accuracy: +/- 0.5-2.0g
Speed: Up to 120 bags/min (product dependent)
Weigh Vol.:1300 mL
Hopper Volume: 1.3 Ltr
Structure: SUS 304
Preliminary Program: 99 settings
Power: 2,000W
a. -5 to 40 degrees
b. Humidity: 35% - 85 %
c. Height less than 2,000mm

Price refers to entry level unit - final price is subject to confirmation of project scope and required accessories.

Size / Capacity

Weigh Range: 10 - 3000g
Speed: Up to 120 bags/min (Product Dependent)


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