1000 SM Jacketed 1000L Cooker Kettle (Scrape Sided) 316

IOPAK has introduced a brand new fully stainless steel constructed jacketed cooker/kettle which can be used for cooking or cooling.

This kettle features 2 x half moon hinged lids for food hygiene.

The interior of the tank has a dome base and is fitted with a 4" sanitary product outlet including an air actuated discharge ball valve.
A swept surface (Teflon tipped) stirrer is top and bottom bearing supported and direct driven by a 3kW, 29rpm, 415V AC, 3 Phase gear motor.
Teflon scrapers can be easily changed by removing a simple hook arrangement.
A digital (- 20 to 150 deg C ) temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the tank contents.
Design Pressure (WP) : 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP} : 450 KPa
Design Temperature ( DT) :135 deg C (max 150 deg C)

Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425
Internal Diameter - 1300 mm
Internal Depth - 1000mm
Outer Diameter - 1450mm
Lid height above floor - 1650mm
Outlet Height above floor - 560mm
Overall Height - 2350mm

The cooker has two individual jackets, upper and lower jackets. There are four ports on the same side of the cooker. From top to bottom, the upper most port is known as No.1 port and the bottom most port is known as No. 4 port which is located at the base of the cooker.

Jacket inlet & outlet ports 25mm diameter
Material of Construction - 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer).
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 2.0mm jacketed wall
Temperature Probe: PT100
No.1 port is the steam inlet of the upper jacket.
No. 2 port is the condensate outlet of the upper jacket.
No.3 port is the steam inlet of the lower jacket.
No. 4 port is the condensate outlet of the lower jacket.
Two safety pressure relief valves must be mounted close to the inlet ports of the two jackets.

The scraper must be running as soon as one of the steam valves is open.

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent (if the gearbox is 7 years old or more, TORA 320 or equivalent)

Size / Capacity

4" Sanitary Ball Valve

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